Friday, January 4, 2019

Day 4: Strada Easel Challenge

Water soluble graphite and gouache on Strathmore Gray Toned Paper

Today we were in between storms. There was a high surf warning going on when I got to the beach and there was no place safe to draw. I stayed in my car again. I suspect that many of the drawings for this month's challenge will be done from my car! Fortunately, I wasn't far from the high tide line by the side of the road.

So far I have been going to my local beach to draw the waves, about a mile from my house as the crow flies. I will be traveling up and down the coast a few miles to draw at the other beaches. They are all a bit different and they change every day and hour. The waves and beach looked quite different when I took the second photo than when I started the drawing.

I really do love drawing and painting waves! I have yet to get them on paper and canvas to my satisfaction. There are a lot of subtle nuances to learn.
Until tomorrow,

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Day 2 and Day 3!

One of my New Years goals is to be a bit more mindful of my health. Getting enough sleep is at the top of that list! Yesterday, I got smacked by that goal. I am a musician as well as an artist. Wednesday nights are our band rehearsals. I did not get a chance to post yesterday's drawing and it was too late by the time we got home from rehearsal. In the past, I would have stayed up, posted my post, and got to bed a bit late.
Getting enough sleep more important than posting to my blog so today I have two posts in one.

Yesterday my sketch showed a storm on the horizon and moving in. Today, we are in the middle of the storm with gusts up to 50 mph on the beach. The car was rocking as I worked from its shelter today! Here are the drawings starting with yesterday, Day 2:

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year and a New Challenge

Day 1: New Year Challenge
Here I go again! I am participating in another 31 day art challenge. This one is the Strada Easel challenge which requires 31 paintings or drawings all done from life. I like to participate in these challenges when I have more I would like to achieve than completing a daily drawing or painting for a month. I already know I can draw and paint everyday for a month as I have done it several times over the past few years. I like to up the ante with a personal challenge that pushes me to grow as an artist.

Because it is January and the weather can be challenging here on the Oregon coast, I decided to do a daily wave drawing. I can draw from the shelter of my car if need be. I will actually be combining drawing and painting. The drawings will be wave studies in water soluble graphite and white gouache on Strathmore toned gray mixed media paper. The mixed media is heavy enough to take the water without buckling.

I have painted hundreds of wave studies over the years and I still have so much to learn. I am keeping the drawings more or less shades of gray which allows me to focus on value, composition, and hone my wave drawing skills. I still have so much to work on!

I also will be taking color notes while I am out drawing. I intend to bring all this information back to the studio and translate them into small paintings. I may continue on with larger paintings from those. My ultimate intention is to start interpreting my own vision through the waves. I am not exactly sure where this will take me but I know it is all good!

My animal drawing, anatomy studies, and paintings will continue. I spent yesterday, New Year's Eve, at the Oregon Zoo visiting and sketching my favorite Cheetah sisters and the other animals that braved the cold temperatures.
I have a lot of plans, goals, dreams, and hard work ahead of me for 2019. I hope everyone reading this also is digging into 2019 for your creative life and your good health.

Here is to the creative journey and good health!


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