Saturday, February 16, 2019

Strada Easel Challenge Wrap up and Blog Changes

Day 18, Strada Easel Challenge, 5”x7”, water soluble pencil on gray toned paper

I have had a post sitting in my draft file for about a month now. I post on several places and for some reason, I forgot to come back to Blogger! I am a bit embarrassed about that! The photo above is of Day 18 in the Strada Easel Challenge that I participated in last month. Yes! I did successfully complete all 31 days of the challenge! You will be seeing more of the artwork in a couple of weeks as I am getting them ready to sell off to raise funds for a quality printer. I plan to make and sell prints of my drawings. I also want to mention that any work I sell, no matter what medium, will have 10% of the net proceeds going to an environmental or animal cause. The wave paintings will have the 10% donated to the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve. Cape Falcon is just a couple of miles up the road from us.

I am currently in the middle of building a brand new art website that will feature a blog front and center and will host video, some how-to content, my continuing art journey, and art for sale. Anything else that comes up on this journey I am on will be there. It will have a focus on art and creativity I will be posting a link to that website soon!

This blog will continue but it will change and grow a bit more. There will be art posts here too but I am also going to add more about living a creative life. I will not only be sharing posts about art and creativity but also about veganic gardening, (I named my garden Red Twill Gardens! 💜), our house renovation, playing music in a band, and my gradual and sporatic return to fiber art, another of my loves.

I hope to create a dialogue and inspire others in the creative journey. I don’t know what that looks like yet but I plan to see.

Finally, a huge thank you to any who still read this after such a long silence. Like so many creative people, I lead a busy life. I am looking forward to catching up on reading the blogs of all my old friends and a few new ones as well!

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