Saturday, June 22, 2019

The cutest wood stove!


I have been working on my trailer build every chance I get in between getting the house ready for the market and getting into the art studio for an hour or two. 

Today I got the Reflectix installed on the ceiling! This isn’t insulation but the Reflectix will help keep the roof cool in the sun and the warmth in when it is cold. I will be installing the foam board insulation that is leaning up against the walls, inside the walls next. I will be laying down about 1/2 inch of cork underlayment on the floor with another thin layer of plywood for the floor insulation. The existing flooring has an undercoating and is sealed along the edges. I didn’t want to tear it up to put insulation underneath so I will put in thin layers. 

On the bottom right of the picture, there is a roll of bamboo reed fencing. I am going to use that to cover the Reflectix on the ceiling. I put zip ties in place as I was installing the Reflectix to secure the bamboo. I will have to wait to put that up until I get the walls insulated and painted and this rather clever little wood stove installed:

This is a Cubic Mini Wood Stove. The company is in Canada and I was amazed at their prompt service.  The stove is made for boats and other small places. It is less than a foot square and it is so cute! It will heat up to 100 square feet. My trailer is about 72 square feet so I will keep nice and warm this winter.

These stoves have been around a while and were originally, and still are, made for boats. They have all the parts to make this safe and the installation water tight. I prefer wood heat to propane and will enjoy this stove tremendously.

I have also been learning how to make tables and countertops using cedar that my former husband milled. He is also teaching me the process and how to use the tools which I greatly appreciate.

Next up is insulating the walls!

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Blank Canvas

Well, here is the first photo of my future home! I didn’t set out to get a red trailer but the red one is what I ended up with! I had reserved a trailer to buy on Saturday. It was the economy model in white. Well...the trailer sales store naturally has a better built, more expensive model sitting right next to the economy model. I admit, I was easily persuaded to upgrade to the better built one. The fact that it is my favorite color had absolutely nothing to do with it, I swear!

If I had intended to convert this trailer to just go out on the occasional painting trip, I would have stuck with the economy model, however, I am planning to live in this trailer for an unknown while after the house sells. I wanted something sturdy and well built. The extra cost was probably less than what it would have taken to get the economy trailer up to the standard I want. I need it to last and I need it to be as safe as possible. This one came with a better quality tire for example. I could have replaced the economy tires but that would have just been one of the things I would have had to replace to get it to this level. All and all, I am happy with my choice and feel like I got a decent deal.

I drove it home and it handled quite well. I will say though, the fuel gauge dropped at an alarming rate and that is with an empty trailer! I am going to have to be very mindful of the weight I add when I build it out.

At the moment, I am gathering the first round of materials to begin the build. I will be starting with insulation. I am going to put Reflectix in the roof with a ceiling of bamboo fencing. Nice and light. The warm days we have been having recently showed me just how hot that roof can get in the summer sun. It was too hot to touch! The walls and floor will have rigid foam insulation.

While slowly gathering the materials I need, I have been planning the layout for the trailer. Here is a picture I took with the layout in blue tape!

The squares on the walls with the “x”s through them are where the windows will go. This picture is from the rear and is overlooking the bed. There will be a little kitchen area on the left where you can see several over lapping squares on the floor and a small tub at the far end. On the front wall will be a wall easel! I will be able to paint as large as a 40” x 40” panel. 

By the door on this side will be a cupboard to hold my electric cello. A small set of pantry shelves complete the tour at this time. I will have a lot of storage under the bed where I will keep clothes, sheets, towels, and other equipment. 

The two metal items on the floor are ladder racks. We just installed them this afternoon. I also found a brand new stainless steel rv sink at the Re-Store for $10! 

So first up is getting the insulation installed, then the walls painted, windows installed, the rough in of all the furnishings, and the electrical. I am going to be keeping things pretty simple to start with. I will be eventually adding a solar powered system to the rig. I am not adding water tanks or any gray or black water holding tanks. I will make do with water jugs and a simple bucket system. 

I did splurge on one item. I bought a teeny wood stove made for boats as my heat source. It was an investment and I will be able to use it in the future when I have land and am building the cob shed to live in while building the cob house. Lights will be solar or battery powered for now, unless I am plugged into shore power. 

That is it for the moment. The chaos of closing the book on my former life continues. It seems to be going agonizingly slow but it is moving forward bit by bit. 

Stay tuned for more updates!


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Of Endings and Beginnings...

Warning: Major Life Changing Events Ahead!

I took this photo last Friday on a hike with a local Stewardship group that I am joining. It is a great photo to start this post off as it shows old second growth trees that have grown from a nurse log. From death comes life and the cycle continues. 

Now, I will state right here that there has not been a death in my family nor in my circle of friends. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage as I have a bit of a tale to unfold...

About 6 weeks ago, I was content in my 35 year marriage. Apparently, my mate was not and, unbeknownst to me had been having a relationship with another woman for the past two years. Yes, I suspected something was going on, I will not go into all the details as they no longer matter. Alas, it is an old story. I finally confronted him on the situation and, since the answer was a deal breaker in my world, I promptly asked for a divorce. The state of Oregon is a good one for uncontested divorces and a mere six weeks  later, I find myself officially divorced! 

We are not quite out of the woods yet as we still share this house. We had it torn apart as it is a fixer-upper. We have been putting it back together again and will be putting it on the market for sale, hopefully next month. 

As you can imagine, I have had to put my art business on the back burner to simmer while. And yes, I am dealing with a broken heart. I am a strong and loving person and, in spite of heartbreak, I am determined to move forward with my life.

Now, the exciting news! Out of the ashes arises a Phoenix. I have an adventure waiting for me! You see, I have some pretty big dreams and a strong purpose to pursue...

While working on the house, I will also be converting a cargo trailer into a tiny micro home for the time being. I plan to buy a piece of land, build an off-grid cob house, and steward the land as well as be stewarded by the land. I don’t have to tell you all the world is changing. I feel deep urgency to return to simple living and dig deep into skills I believe will be needed in the years to come. 

Art, music, gardening, Permaculture,  sustainable living, fiber arts, community, and stewardship are all part of my intentions. 
This will be a grand adventure and I will be blogging about it here! 

Finally, my art continues to evolve and develop. It is linked to my purpose. While it is on the back burner it is not completely neglected. I draw and paint and build skills as often as I can. I have come full circle and have added wildlife art back in my life. Here is a sketch of a wolf I recently did. I have more skills to build in this area but it is a passion rekindled. 

I will have more posts coming soon. Tomorrow I take my car in to have the towing and wiring harness installed. I will also visit the Social Security office to make my final official name change.

Saturday, I go in to Portland to pick up my trailer. I am excited! It will be fun to document this adventure in spite of knowing there will be challenges. I hope you all come along for the ride. 

Finally, I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Renee Delight and it is a pleasure to meet you all! 


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