Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Work- Term 2

My second term of school started up this past week. It was good to be back and challenging to get my mind back into focus! This was another 12 hour charcoal drawing in five tones. This time I have to say the drawing looks better in real life than in the photo. We were told that this term we will not only be adding more tones but will be going to full (18"X24") sheets of paper. That will use a lot of charcoal! I believe the second year students calculated the cost of each full size drawing in charcoal alone to be about 12-15 dollars. We will also be starting to draw more organic forms such as hands, ears, mouths, and bits of the plaster casts that line the  walls. I am looking forward to that. Friday for construction drawing we drew a large toy truck. By the end of the day I really wanted to kick it across the room. It looks so simple but is anything but simple to draw. I think that was part of the point. As always, I enjoyed the gesture drawing in the morning. These really don't look like much on paper, otherwise I would post them too, but are incredibly important to work on none the less.
On the home front, we are looking for a house to rent. We will need to transition and get things squared away before moving to Portland next fall. I also need the room to draw. Renting a house will have some drawbacks but many benefits. I won't be unpacking my big loom until we are settled in Portland but it will be a lot easier to leave my Jane and my spinning wheel out! Perhaps I will be able to get my weaving blog out of mothballs. Once the weather turned cold it was very difficult to get the loom and wheel out to play with. Our dog will hopefully have a proper yard to hang out in when we are not walking with her or playing at the dog park. Finally, I hope to be closer to school too.
We will be selling our trailer for many reasons. It has worked out beautifully for us but it isn't a long term solution. It won't work for us in Portland either. Eventually we hope to get something we can just travel in from time to time.
I will be posting every week this term like last term so it should be fun to see the journey.
Happy New Year everyone!


dana said...

I'm glad you're back. Good luck in your new term, and with your house-hunting.

Life Looms Large said...

Happy second term!!! I swear that I see progress between this drawing and your last before break. Have you been practicing, or has all of your work last term just been sinking in?

Hope you find a good rental! I like a lot of space...even though DH and I get along great...I need my own space too!

Glad you'll be posting weekly again! Looking forward to following along on your journey!


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