Sunday, September 5, 2010

Of Endings and Beginnings

Well the time has finally come. I knew it would go fast but, sheesh! Thursday morning was our final class meeting. The founder/director/and master teacher Semyon Bilmes, gave a final talk, which I must say, was not only informative but closed the year perfectly. There was also a critique which was also very educational even though I didn't have any of my work with me. My work was all packed and loaded on our truck, but wait, I will get to that part soon!
Most of the students brought a selection of work that showed their progress from start to finish. It was interesting to see that we all more or less start about the same skill level, at least, that is what it looks like. It is wonderful to see the concrete evidence of increasing skill. I had planned to post my own retrospective on this blog and will be doing that for the next post.
So, here is my very last drawing which happens to be a figure drawing in charcoal.
Considering where I started, I am quite pleased with what I have learned this year. It has been an amazing and wonderful journey. I am very sad that I am not able to continue for another three years at this time. In case you have missed previous posts, the school, Ashland Academy of Art, is moving to Maui and is now known as Atelier Maui. There are a few students that will continue on in Maui and I couldn't be more happy and excited for them. They have all become friends who I will miss tremendously.
After the morning class I got back to our temporary apartment and did the final clean up and loading and, at 2 pm, we headed out of Ashland for the final time. We have moved to the other end of the state, by the northern sea. We arrived home about 9:30 or 10:00pm. I cannot say for sure as it was a long day and drive. We were happy to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean waves.
It has been a busy weekend for us as we have been unpacking, putting away things, and building shelves and other items for office and, yes, my studio room. We are almost there. Once the house is all in order I am going to take a short break and explore our new town a bit more thoroughly before getting back to the work of art/study. There are beach walks and mountain hikes to be taken. I will be noting areas to return to with paints, pencils, and paper. Fall is the best time here weather-wise. I intend to take the utmost advantage of it and paint as much en plein air as possible. It will be a new technique for me. I also have friends coming to visit who will pose for me to keep my figure drawing skills from sliding backward. Once the weather shuts us in, I will be turning to indoor studies such as still life, cast drawing, and, when I can get a model, figure drawing. I still have so much to learn and so many skills to gain and hone.
So I will leave you with two pictures of our new neighborhood. They are sunset pictures as I am so very busy getting the house put to rights. I visit the beach in short snatches of time.
The funny object in the bottom picture is of my mischief dog Twill. She started to joyfully roll in the wet sand as I was snapping the picture. She is upside down with paw and tail sticking up. I had to run over and command her to get up (UP!) which she ignored until she was completely covered with wet sand. Sigh. She got a bucket of warm water dumped over her when we got home to rinse her off. At least she didn't roll on a dead bird. She will try that if you aren't paying attention or, if like me, you distracted by the beauty of the place.
Well, that is the ending of one journey and, as you can tell by the longish post above, the beginning of another. I really don't know where this one will take me. I am ready to stay put for at least a year or two though!
Next post will be a retrospective of my year in school
Until then, Happy Labor Day (here in the U.S.)!


R. Delight said...

This post is from Theresa. I accidentally deleted it due to the glare on my computer screen that made me less than accurate with my mouse. So sorry Theresa, it is a lovely comment. Here it is:

Theresa has left a new comment on your post "Of Endings and Beginnings":

Beautiful figure drawing. I love the hair up, can't say why, it just makes it for me. The beach is lovely, you lucky person, what a wonderful place to live. As to Twill, well, wet sand is better than dead bird, and MUCH better than dead fish.
All the very best to you as you start anew. Thank heaven for blogs.

R. Delight said...

Theresa, I agree with the hair up. It really made the pose. Due to the fact that I was a first year student, I get last pick on the easel position. I was a little dubious about the back view at first but after a while, I felt I had the best position in the room. I really love the subtle beauty of the human back.
Thanks for the well wishes and I will be keeping up on the blog reading and writing. Hope to pull some weaving out once we are settled too. In the meantime Twill keeps me on my toes making sure she rolls in neither dead bird or fish!

Anonymous said...

You have made such amazing progress!

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