Monday, November 28, 2011

And Then There Were Two

"And Then There Were Two", Oil on Gessobord, 6"X6", R.L. Delight

Here is the finished "daily painting". I realized when I finished that I hadn't really planned ahead as to where to sign it. I will have to remember that. I just used my initials as my name would not fit. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am having a lot of fun painting these and so far several ideas for compositions have presented themselves. My next painting will not be of fruits and vegetables but will be a still life.
We had a wonderful model at the life drawing session yesterday. She has a very unconventional beauty and is the first model I have drawn that I felt I would like to paint a portrait of. Please don't misunderstand, all the models both male and female that I have had the privilege of drawing have beauty! One of the joys of life drawing is the realization that the human form is quite beautiful in all of its variety. Yesterday's model just had that special something that clicked with me. I hope I get a chance to paint her one day soon.
Now, I wonder how many daily paintings I will get done this week?


Karen Martin Sampson said...

Thank you for commenting on FB since you were unable to do so on my blog (don't know why that is!) and I appreciate very much that you enjoy my blog! Some days I have trouble getting motivated to post lately - time of year maybe? Anyway, keep on your quest to learn about painting...I think you're doing very well! And don't worry about purposely leaving space for your signature. Most artists, myself included, don't give it a thought. I just sign right over stuff if need be although I do try to find an "open" space for it if I can. The important thing is the painting itself, it's composition, colours, and how everything works together in the framework of the canvas.

R. Delight said...

Thanks Karen! I am trying to find out why I can comment on some blogs and not others, including mine. I am trying a few things. Thanks for the tip! I hope this try works.

R. Delight said...

Ah Ha! I changed my comment settings to pop out window. It worked!

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