Monday, April 16, 2012

Virtual Art Museum

Old Woman Cooking Eggs, 1618 Diego Velazquez.(
Do you love to travel? Do you enjoy visiting art museums or wish you could? Thanks to The Google Art Project you can see thousands of wonderful artworks without having to leave your own home. Not only that, many are in high definition. You can zoom in to see each individual paint stroke and every scratch on the painting. Maybe that isn't how you want to look at a painting but perhaps you would like to learn a bit more.
I have mentioned the Google Art Project before but I think it is worth mentioning again. The website allows you to not only view collections in museums around the world, artworks by specific artists both in the past and contemporary but also allows you to virtually walk through certain museums. It is pretty fun and a lot of time can pass pleasantly by. I am going to have to schedule virtual art museum holidays. 
Of course, nothing beats seeing these works in person. I think it would be fun one of these days to use the website as a tool to create a very specific grand tour of art to visit. There are a few other features such as the ability to create your own little art gallery on the site. I am collecting pieces to study and perhaps even order prints of for further study. I highly recommend the site anytime you have a little spare time to spend.
I have spent the week catching up on house and garden and a few chores around the studio. I have a few stations set up with still life, a cast study, and a mirror for a self portrait and practice. I have a few days to work this week before taking The Silent Ones painting into Portland. The next couple of posts won't have a lot of progress to show as it will start out slow but it will be progressing none-the-less. I will have a report from Portland!
Spring is still flirting with Winter here on the coast. Hope others have lovely warm weather and to those in the tornado zones, stay safe.

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