Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breathing Space

Hello, it's me. Yes, I am still here! I know, this is my first post for the month of August and the month is nearly ended. I also know that I broke a few blogging guidelines by falling off the regular posting schedule. I promise though, I haven't been idle while I have been gone and I will be stepping up the postings and get back to my regular schedule. 
I have been very busy this month. Just as our little town bustles this time of the year with visitors and summer activities, I too have been caught up in a few summer events. As the days have continued to shorten, it has been a grand time of cleaning out, re-organizing, and getting things squared away for the coming winter. I have noticed the air has the soft bite to it that whispers of fall during my morning walks with Twill. 
I have made a few changes as I continue to learn and grow with my art. I was feeling squeezed out of my studio by my big loom. Every time I turned around I was bumping into it and I couldn't step back properly to look at my work in progress. As I mentioned a while ago, the loom is up for sale but I finally decided to dis-assemble it as well so I can move around in the studio better. I also realized by taking it down, I was making a decidedly final choice between weaving and painting. Painting won. As an artist who I admire tremendously noted, painting is a jealous occupation and requires ones full attention. I am still keeping a small loom to play with in the off times.
I had a small painting juried into a local county-wide art show that is showcasing the work of local creatives. I am quite proud to be included with the other talented creative people in my newly adopted county of Tillamook. This coming weekend marks a two year anniversary of our moving to this wonderful little beach town nestled at the foot of Neahkahnie mountain on the wild edge of the Oregon Coast. 
I have been joyfully playing the cello along with my trumpet-playing mate in the Sedona Fire band. We have three gigs coming up this weekend and I am looking forward to them. I am also looking forward to things settling down a bit in the performing area too so I can increase my cello studies and improve my playing. 
I just participated in a two day portrait painting workshop this past weekend. I will be honest, it didn't quite fit my needs but as always, I came away with a few more tools to add to my painting skill set. This weekend our life drawing group will also have a show displaying our work. Should be a lot of fun!
One of the most important things I accomplished this month was opening up that space in my studio. I feel like I can finally breathe and it feels so right in the studio now. This Labor Day weekend also marks the end of what would have been my third year of art school had things continued as planned. I have continued my studies on my own and still consider myself an art student even though I am no longer formally enrolled in a school. I have given some time to planning and preparing for my "fourth year". I am starting to get an idea of my direction and voice as an artist and will continue to develop that aspect. I am also continuing to build my skills and am feeling confident that I will be able to continue to grow in this area.
I am looking forward to posting about my progress and all the changes in the coming weeks. It will probably start out slow and will pick up speed as I progress. I would like to revisit this post this time next year and see where things stand. I hope all of my fellow creative artists and bloggers out there are doing well. I am behind on my blog reading but will be catching up over the next day or two as I take a bit of a breather and much needed rest before gearing up again. 
Until next post, -Renee

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Dana said...

Yay, you're back! It sounds like a wonderful August and a great springboard into the future. I'm looking forward to being included in your progress. Congratulations on being chosen for the local show.

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