Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Flying Leap

© 2012, R.L. Delight. "Offerings For Tethys", 6"x8" oil on canvas board.
I am taking another big step on my artistic path. I am working hard to develop my painting skills and have decided to take up daily, or almost daily, painting. I am working on the small paintings in the morning and spending the afternoons working on studies and my larger paintings in progress. Daily paintings start stacking up fast so, even though it is a big step for me, I have decided to start selling them through the wonderful art site, Daily Paintworks.
Here is the first painting I am putting in a Daily Paintworks auction! There is a button at the top right of the blog which will take you to the auction if you are interested. I only have one painting up so far but more will be coming. I will probably be making a few blunders at the beginning but I am sure the process will smooth out in no time.
One of the wonderful aspects of living on the coast is the beach changes on a daily basis. The sands shift around, rocks are exposed one day only to be completely covered with sand the next. So many things, from interesting creatures and seaweeds to all sorts of unfortunate debris, wash up with the tides. Visitors build whimsies, and sometimes destroy the natural elements of the beach. The ocean tides wash the beach clean again.
One day on my morning walk I came across these wonderful structures depicted in my painting. They lasted about a week before the tides took them one by one. These had such an elemental feel to them, harkening back to the days when the old gods and goddesses were honored. Tethys is a sea goddess, the White Lady who provides and protects the seafaring folk, and takes away as well.
Life is suddenly quite busy again. I am learning to prioritize very fast! I will be posting again on Wednesday.

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