Friday, January 17, 2014

Warm Winter Sunshine

© 2014 R.L. Delight, photo, Winter moonset as the sun rises.
The weather has been strangely warm and calm for our part of the country. Today started beautifully with the full moon setting over the ocean as the sun rose in the east.


I have been getting out to paint. I basically dropped everything indoors in the studio for the moment, as well as housework, and other chores to spend as much time outside painting. Dinners have been a bit sketchy around here lately too!
I am out of practice with my plein air painting and yesterday was very frustrating. I knew I would be rusty so I painted studies and they were pretty bad. To add to the issue, I am trying new techniques and approaches again which always means one takes a step or two back in one's progress. Today was better but still not quite happy with the results.
I am starting off the painting day with a 30 minute block in. Then, depending on the conditions, I either do a couple of one hour studies or a 3 hour or so painting. Yesterday was one hour studies, today I decided to go for a painting as things seemed to be going fairly well.
Yesterday I was at my spot on Neahkahnie Beach, today I went up the coast to Arcadia State Park.
I saw very few people in the hours I was there. I took along a lunch to get more time in.
It was, in a word, glorious!
I got my 30 minute block in which looked like this:
© 2014, R.L. Delight, 30 minute block-in, 6"x8", oil on canvas
After I completed this I had my lunch sitting on a log facing the ocean and soaking up the sunshine and beauty. I went back to work and did a quick sketch on paper as I didn't quite have everything as I wanted. For some reason I had a hard time getting everything in the painting and in the correct positions. I had to change a few things and I made progress but I am still not entirely satisfied with the more finished result. Here is the final painting of the day:
© 2014, Winter Warmth, 6"x8", oil on linen panel
As you can see the sun had changed positions when I a laid this one in. I really tried to keep the shadow and light consistent once I got them down. By the time I finished this the tide had gone out quite a bit.
Well, I could go on about everything I don't like about this painting starting with the linen panel. I had this pack of panels for quite a while and don't like it so much. The linen has too much texture for my taste and it is double oil primed. I will spare you all the remaining list of problems. Ah well, it all goes toward experience. I will be heading out again tomorrow. Got to paint while the sun shines!
I am still on my Facebook break and, while I miss reading about what my friends and family are up to, as well as my furry friends that I follow, I am also enjoying this break. It isn't the time factor. I am usually on and off Facebook quickly, in about 5 to 10 minutes. I pop on and off 2-3 times a day, so it doesn't take that much time. It does take a lot of mental energy though. I am enjoying my time to "hear" my own thoughts and think deeply.
I will post more as time and painting allow!


JanettMarie said...

Thanks for sharing, I understand too what those changes do to the frustration level. Why do we do that? Oh, to make us better? I guess.

R.L. thanks too for sharing that beautiful sunshine. : )

Dana said...

Every once in a while there is the most delightful break in the winter weather. The first time I was ever in Cannon Beach we had weather like this. I didn't see the moon and the sun together though. Good luck with the painting re-immersion. Your willingness to endure backtracking is very inspiring.

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