Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sticks and Stones

I like to keep a handful of sketchbooks going. This wasn't exactly planned, it sort of evolved. I noticed that I liked to do certain kinds of sketches in certain kinds of sketchbooks. They are all different in size and format. I started naming the books only recently. I am a huge fan and reader of James Gurney's blog and he names his sketchbooks based on the first word or phrase in the first sketch of the book. I liked that idea and adapted it for my sketchbooks. It helps to keep them a bit more organized. My names are also based on the first sketch in the book but not any words or phrases since I don't do so much lettering. The titles are more descriptive of the sketch. As it turns out, the contents of the sketchbooks loosely follow the title. For example in "Jamming", there are a lot of sketches made at musical events. As a musician and as the spouse of a musician, I tend to go to many musical events a year. Flip through "Jamming" and you will find sketches of musicians and audience members.

"Driftwood" holds sketches from nature, mostly of the beach, and many of, well, driftwood.

"Green Fork Farm" is a newer one. It is bound with watercolor paper. I have my experimental sketches of watercolor paint, pencil, and gouache in this one. The first sketch one of the many I did at our local Farmer's Market this summer.

In the back of the photo is the sketchbook I started in art school, hence the title, "And so it begins." I like the larger format but I don't use it as often as it isn't quite as portable as the smaller sizes. This sketchbook is nearly full.

Finally, the smaller sketchbook open to the first sketch, which was yesterday's Day 1 sketch, doesn't have its title painted on yet. It is a sketchbook I am trying out for the workshop I will be teaching next month. It is a Strathmore Mixed Media. It doesn't have as heavy as a paper as the watercolor sketchbook does but it is definitely heavier than the regular sketchbook paper. It seems to be holding up to the use of water pens and ink.

Day 1's sketch is of a piece of driftwood and I used graphite and water soluble graphite by ArtGraf. The sketch was interrupted in progress so is not very finished. That is OK, I got enough in.

Here is Day 2:
Day 2 sketch, graphite on paper. 363 more days to go!

I want to use this newest sketchbook to work on two natural forms that are found in abundance here, sticks and stones. Of course, that will be the name of this sketchbook! Both of these sketches were done indoors due to the current weather conditions. I suspect tomorrow's sketch will also be indoors as we have a high wind warning for gusts of 65 mph. Hopefully the power will hold.

The weather and a few other events have kept me from painting outside for way too long. I can't wait to get back to it at the first opportunity.
Thankfully, there is plenty to keep me out of mischief in the studio!


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