Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In Like a Lion

I thought I might title this post "Waking up and Getting Out" or perhaps a "Long Winter's Nap" since it has been a while since I have posted anything. I have had a much needed break from blogging while I take care of my personal health.
It does seem like it has been a long winter here in the Pacific Northwest. This past week we have had two major storms with hurricane force winds blow through here. This winter there has been flooding, landslides, sinkholes that shut down Hwy 101, the main road that goes along the coast, thunder, lightning, hail and fury! I took the above photo yesterday during my morning walk on the beach. I love the wildness and I get out everyday!

I have also been learning to love being in the studio this winter. It took me a while. We were so spoiled last year with such a warm winter, unlike the previous winter in the  Eastern part of the country. I was able to spend a lot of time painting outdoors last winter. I am finally getting the hang of using this studio time for purposeful study. Here is a recent study:

© 2016 R.L. Delight, Study in Textures, 6"x6". oil on panel

These are not the best photos as I was experimenting with several things such as mediums and paint handling on this study. It is a bit challenging to photograph until it dries. I have also been drawing and have gone out a few times when the weather breaks to paint plein air. I made a recent trip to Bend, Oregon to visit family and had a chance to go to Smith Rock State Park to paint. Oh my! What a stunning place! So different then the coast but no less beautiful.

Here is my plein air study. I was very much overwhelmed but I have enough info to do finished painting from this study:

© 2016 R.L. Delight, Smith Rock State Park Study, 12"x9", oil on panel

Finally, the "getting out" part. I am so excited this year to be joining two wonderful groups of plein air painters. I have joined the Plein Air Painters of Oregon (PAPO) and the Plein Air Painters of Washington (PAWA). I have several opportunities to get out to paint several incredible spots with these groups. Starting next month, I will be painting at the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument for a weekend at the Clarno Unit, http://www.nps.gov/joda/clarno_unit.htm, with PAPO. May will find me at Stehekin, WA with PAWA for a weekend. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get to both of these spots, particularly Stehekin. After having lived in Washington for 25 years, it will be my first time there. I have always wanted to go there and somehow never got around to it. I will also be heading up to a paintout in a week and a half at Nisqually, WA with PAWA as well as a fantastic trip to Mt Baker/Mt Shuksan in the fall. I will be get getting over to the Olympic Peninsula to paint. There will be paintouts with PAPO as well sprinkled in here and there.

No worries! I won't be neglecting my little corner of the Oregon Coast either. I will be getting out every chance I have and spending stormy days studying in the studio. After this past week of brutal wind storms, the next few days will bring a bit of almost-spring sunshine. I will be getting out and posting the results so stay tuned!


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