Saturday, September 3, 2016

Oregon Dreaming: Day 3: 10.20.30 Challenge

Yesterday when I was painting at Alder Creek Farm, this view was directly behind me. I knew I would be back today to paint this view too! This is the back view of Lower Nehalem Community Trust barn and greenhouse. We use both for the community garden, which is off to the left and on the other side of the barn. The view is framed by the beautiful coastal mountains. I never get tired of watching the clouds, light and shadow on all the surrounding mountains. The mists and fogs of rainy days are equally enchanting.

I started my painting a bit later in the afternoon today. I spent an hour before hand doing a sketching demo at our local art center which is having a fundraiser weekend. Our area is rich in natural beauty, and wealthy with a wonderfully talented and skilled community, particularly in the arts. Personally I think our usual rainy weather is somewhat responsible. It gives us all something to do while waiting for the sun!

I had my painting pack and painting clothes to change into. Right after I finished the demo, I went to the farm and got started on the Day 3 painting. I decided to call this one "Oregon Dreaming." Homesteaders and the Oregon Trail is part of U.S. history. So many left their previous homes to chase the dream in the new Oregon territory. Farming in this area is alive and well today, many of them owned and operated by women. We are also part of Tillamook County, home of the famous Tillamook Cheese. I even happen to personally know the current Dairy Princess! (Hi Kalli!)

Standing out in the field with the peace and quiet and the sound of the birds, from eagles on down to tiny song birds, gave me a tiny taste of what it might have been like to live here in earlier years. Of course, I must also mention that before the farms, there were thriving Native American tribes living here. They also managed and lived off this abundant land. Today the land felt like a dream. I could almost sense it slipping between time. Did I capture that? Not even close! But the feeling was still there.

Here is today's 10,20,30 minute paintings starting at the top left and going clockwise. I actually liked the 20 minute painting the best. I struggled a bit with the 30 minute painting as I shifted a few things around and sort of lost control of the drawing. I am still using black and white paint to work on values too.

It is hard to see the detail that one can see in person but the general idea comes through. I am finding it very helpful to paint in black and white. The true test will be how it influences me when I work in color!
We shall see what the weather does tomorrow. I haven't decided on where to paint yet.

A final shot of today's painting spot:

Yours in paint,

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Theresa said...

You can never go wrong painting a barn. They each have such a unique flavor. What a lovely place for a community garden!

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