Thursday, October 25, 2018

Jumping Back In

Inktober challenge sketch #25
It has been eight months since I last posted on my blog! I am not going to spend a great deal of time chronicling the past eight months but, I will say, it has been very busy. In between working on our 1973 fixer-upper, my garden, music, the community garden, and healing my body, I have quietly been working on art skills. I have had time to think about where I am going in my art and where I want to be. And, I have spent time studying my chosen field.

So, I am back!

While I haven't been too active on my blog, I have been a bit more active on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook. This month I have been participating in Inktober. You can find my Inktober sketches on my Instagram page, @r.l.delight. I will have to do a bit of updating on my blog and website to link all of this together. In the meantime, today's sketch is above!

The sketch is inked using Copic pen, black ink pen, and a white Gellyroll pen on Strathmore gray-toned paper. I used zoo sketches I have done from life and video I recorded as reference material for the drawing. I will be writing about my thoughts behind my choices to learn to use ink while sketching and why I am adding wildlife art to my body of work. I don't want to make this too lengthy of a post today.

I am getting back to blogging regularly and will be updating my website. Look for paintings that will be available for purchase starting next month! I have some studio cleaning out to do!

Yours in beauty,

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