Saturday, February 16, 2019

Strada Easel Challenge Wrap up and Blog Changes

Day 18, Strada Easel Challenge, 5”x7”, water soluble pencil on gray toned paper

I have had a post sitting in my draft file for about a month now. I post on several places and for some reason, I forgot to come back to Blogger! I am a bit embarrassed about that! The photo above is of Day 18 in the Strada Easel Challenge that I participated in last month. Yes! I did successfully complete all 31 days of the challenge! You will be seeing more of the artwork in a couple of weeks as I am getting them ready to sell off to raise funds for a quality printer. I plan to make and sell prints of my drawings. I also want to mention that any work I sell, no matter what medium, will have 10% of the net proceeds going to an environmental or animal cause. The wave paintings will have the 10% donated to the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve. Cape Falcon is just a couple of miles up the road from us.

I am currently in the middle of building a brand new art website that will feature a blog front and center and will host video, some how-to content, my continuing art journey, and art for sale. Anything else that comes up on this journey I am on will be there. It will have a focus on art and creativity I will be posting a link to that website soon!

This blog will continue but it will change and grow a bit more. There will be art posts here too but I am also going to add more about living a creative life. I will not only be sharing posts about art and creativity but also about veganic gardening, (I named my garden Red Twill Gardens! 💜), our house renovation, playing music in a band, and my gradual and sporatic return to fiber art, another of my loves.

I hope to create a dialogue and inspire others in the creative journey. I don’t know what that looks like yet but I plan to see.

Finally, a huge thank you to any who still read this after such a long silence. Like so many creative people, I lead a busy life. I am looking forward to catching up on reading the blogs of all my old friends and a few new ones as well!



Cindie said...

I look forward to the broadening of your blog - I love seeing your painting and will look forward to the new content too.

Rukshana Afia said...

I am so pleased you are posting again and planning to do so regularly and also pleased that you are returning to fibre art as well as painting ! At one time I intended to give up ceramics for textiles but had to acknowledge that I can't live without clay .

R. Delight said...

Thank you Cindie and Rukshana! I am looking forward to seeing your inspiring work as well. I have my spinning wheel out where I can spin a little whenever I get a chance and I am contemplating my first warp in years on my Jane table loom. Gardening season is right around the corner so life will be getting quite busy indeed for us all! Thanks for the comments!

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