Saturday, June 22, 2019

The cutest wood stove!


I have been working on my trailer build every chance I get in between getting the house ready for the market and getting into the art studio for an hour or two. 

Today I got the Reflectix installed on the ceiling! This isn’t insulation but the Reflectix will help keep the roof cool in the sun and the warmth in when it is cold. I will be installing the foam board insulation that is leaning up against the walls, inside the walls next. I will be laying down about 1/2 inch of cork underlayment on the floor with another thin layer of plywood for the floor insulation. The existing flooring has an undercoating and is sealed along the edges. I didn’t want to tear it up to put insulation underneath so I will put in thin layers. 

On the bottom right of the picture, there is a roll of bamboo reed fencing. I am going to use that to cover the Reflectix on the ceiling. I put zip ties in place as I was installing the Reflectix to secure the bamboo. I will have to wait to put that up until I get the walls insulated and painted and this rather clever little wood stove installed:

This is a Cubic Mini Wood Stove. The company is in Canada and I was amazed at their prompt service.  The stove is made for boats and other small places. It is less than a foot square and it is so cute! It will heat up to 100 square feet. My trailer is about 72 square feet so I will keep nice and warm this winter.

These stoves have been around a while and were originally, and still are, made for boats. They have all the parts to make this safe and the installation water tight. I prefer wood heat to propane and will enjoy this stove tremendously.

I have also been learning how to make tables and countertops using cedar that my former husband milled. He is also teaching me the process and how to use the tools which I greatly appreciate.

Next up is insulating the walls!

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