Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here is the latest charcoal study. What is unusual about this one is that I used my own home-made charcoal in it! I am enjoying using charcoal more and more. I think that is human nature, we tend to enjoy things more when they go smoothly than when they give us trouble. 
We have another major change at the art school. Earlier this year they had announced that the school would be moving to Portland. Well, sometimes life throws a curve ball (it seems to be happening with alarming regularity these days). The school will not be moving to Portland but, due to health concerns of the founder and master teacher of the school, they will be moving to Maui. Yes, you saw it right, Maui, part of that chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The very chain that experience tsunami waves yesterday. Thankfully the waves turned out to be small as my mother and brother live in Honolulu (Hi Mom!). 
Well, after a few days of feverish research as to the feasibility of us moving to Maui too, we have decided that it would not be feasible at this time due to several factors. We will be finishing out the school year, which goes until the middle of September, here in Ashland and then... well, I will have to continue my education on my own. So now our research is turning to where we will move to next. Ashland is a lovely town but I miss the north. At the moment we are considering the north coast of Oregon where we had such an enjoyable summer. 
In the meantime, I will be working harder to get as much as I can out of the time remaining in school. 
One final note, yesterday I spent the afternoon teaching a young fellow art student how to spin! Always trying to add to the fiber ranks! -Renee


Life Looms Large said...

Wow - that is definitely a curveball. Maui is a big difference compared to Portland.

I'm sure you'll find your way down your creative path. It sounds like now you have an idea of what the spring and summer hold, and you'll have time to sort through what follows.

The hand in your study is amazing. It really seems to be reaching out from the page. Nice!

Good luck sorting this out. I feel a little disgruntled on your behalf reading this news...but you sound less disgruntled than I am, so I'll try to banish my disgruntlement!


R. Delight said...

Sue thank you so much! I must admit to running through a range of emotions these days along with everyone else. I didn't waste time pouting but jumped to the research to see if it was feasible to move to Maui for us (it isn't at this time) and what I need to do next. I worked so hard to get here to go to school and I don't want to let my education go. I just can't. So I will find a way to accomplish what I set out to do never fear! Who knows what opportunities await because of this change? It will be an interesting ride for sure. Thanks for the comment!

Theresa said...

Well, since life is throwing interesting curves, maybe some more artistic ones are in the future. I certainly hope so! The charcoal is wonderful and the drawing...lovely. Such satisfaction being able to take all the little bits of a creative endeavor and do them yourself.
And yeah! teaching someone to spin!

Janet said...

I'm coming back to your blog a few months late but am very interested none the less. I'm in the throes of moving to Seattle from Dublin Ireland. I've been a fibre artist for many many years but have dabbled in painting and drawing off and on. Now, with this move, and in my 70's, I would kind of like to turn my attention to painting. Wonder if I should maybe go to art school just to have a more serious approach rather than dabble in adult ed courses or social art groups as I have done in the past.

R. Delight said...

Wow Hi Janet, and welcome to the US. There is a school called Gage Academy of Art that is in Seattle. They are located in a building conveniently next to the church where the Seattle Weavers Guild meets. Check out their website at They have classes for all levels and several intensities. They would be the closest thing in your area to the school I attend. That might help you decide which way you would like to go. I know I don't intend to stop learning, ever! Good to see others feel the same way. Good luck and I would be interested in your progress and what you decide to do.

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