Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Evolution of a Charcoal Study - Day 3

Well, finally a little progress to show. I still had a time getting her head and face working. It is amazing how much a millimeter or fraction of an inch can completely change the character of a face. I am starting to move into three tones and getting the lights and darks balanced.  Here is a closeup of the drawing.
There is still much to do but at the end of this day we had put in 18 hours and we have 18 more hours to go over this week and next. Tomorrow's session should see even more dramatic difference. For reference, I am adding a shot of the actual cast we are drawing from, here:
I must add that we draw from a fixed spot. Once we have settled in we try not to move our position. The pictures are not taken from the same perspective as my view while drawing so there will be some differences.
Spring is trying to arrive here. One day we had spring in the morning and winter at lunch. Nevertheless, with the longer daylight hours and acceptable weather, I have started walking to school. It is about 2 miles and takes me through a mixed country neighborhood and a historical neighborhood which is quite lovely. Trees and flowers are in bloom and I enjoy greeting the various cats, dogs, sheep, and horses along the way. The occasional person too! I like getting in my exercise and enjoy the 40 minute walk to think and take the sights in.
Tomorrow is another school day and back to work. I will be posting with the next installment soon.

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Life Looms Large said...

She's looking good!!! Her face and hair look extremely difficult to draw.

Your walk to school sounds really nice. We can't really walk to anything useful here.....although we have some nice walking routes.

Your drawing process is so interesting to me!


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