Friday, March 19, 2010

Evolution of a Charcoal Study- Final Day and Done!

Well, here she is. This is what I was able to achieve after 36 hours of work. Is it done? Not really but, as this is a study, the purpose has been achieved. The purpose is for learning of course! Learning to draw proportion, shapes, form. Learning to use charcoal and to work with tone. Learning a bit about the human form which we will be jumping into next term. Today was the last day of the second term. The school year is half over! It seems like I am just getting started and now I have to cram in as much as possible since instead of four years, I only have one. So very much I have yet to learn.
I am truly appreciative for what schooling I can get. At the moment our plan is to move to the North Coast of Oregon where I will study on my own. We are hoping to be able to regroup and get to Maui in a couple of years. I would like to go for at least another year to finish up. Studying on my own will be a tremendous challenge. I am using much of my free time this year researching and getting that set up. The upside is I will save on tuition! What I save will be spent on art supplies, studio set up, and learning tools.
The area we are moving to has a large art community. I am hoping to find mentors, peers, and new art friends there.
Well, I have a two week (plus a few days)  break. I will be doing a bit of drawing and experimenting with charcoal and charcoal making, but I also will be catching up on other areas of my life. Posting will probably be a bit sporadic. Next term should be interesting as there will be more figure drawing.
I do have a note of warning, our female models are nude so the drawings will be too. The male models have the genital area covered so they will not be completely nude (don't get me started on the double standard there!). If you find nude art drawing offensive consider yourselves warned! I can honestly say that I enjoy drawing the beauty and wonder of the human form. I have learned to appreciate that beauty so much more by drawing it in all its various shapes and forms. I wish life drawing were in our schools, I think the incredibly narrow definition of human beauty in our society would be redefined.
Until next month! -Renee


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Oh my gosh! I haven't been able to get to my blog list since November or so.....look how far you've come! Wow!!!! I'm impressed!!!

Life Looms Large said...

It's been so cool to watch the progress of this charcoal. Congrats on finishing the project and finishing your second term.

Glad to hear that you have a plan in place for next year. Will you be able to find drawing teachers in the area you move to? I know that around here there are 5 or 6 different places that offer classes....although I have no idea about the quality of those classes. (And we're on the wrong coast for you!)

Looking forward to whatever you post next, clothed or not!


R. Delight said...

Thanks Shannon and Sue! I plan to continue my studies on my own. I won't need a drawing teacher as I will have had more drawing instruction than one can get in a typical college. I will be looking for a mentor who can give me honest critiques. I need someone to point out areas that need attention and work. Surprisingly challenging to do that on your own.

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