Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another New Week

This week was different from our first week as well. We are working on another bust with charcoal drawing. I don't have pictures of the drawing yet but it is a four session drawing. We have only had one session so far and I will take a picture of that before working on it again so I can show the progression. I do have pictures of the afternoon figure drawing sessions. It too is a four session drawing and we have done two sessions so far. Here is the first one:
An interesting young man. As you might be able to tell, his head is shaved except for a forelock. He also has several piercings and many tatoos. I must say he is very interesting to draw and seems like a sweet person. It is challenging to draw longer poses as the model takes a break every 20 minutes and a few days pass in between sessions. That means things move, sometimes a lot. I new challenge to learn for me.
Here is the second session. I should add here that each session is 3 hours long.
Things have changed a bit including some of my technique as that is a learning curve too. Input from the instructors can also make you change tactics. I have not drawn the stool he is sitting on yet but if you look close, you can see the beginnings of the foot rest. You might also notice I made his head bigger as it was definitely too small in the first session drawing. For addtional interest, I took a picture of our set-up during the break. This is sort of what it looks like when we work.
I am at the far end of this curve and you cannot see my easel. All of us students are working on this one from us first years to the fourth and beyond years so you will see different levels of skill and techniques. It is a wonderful way to work and I am going to miss it when we are finished this year.
At the moment, I am making more charcoal and enjoying the warm spring weather we are having. More to come next week, -Renee

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