Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finishing up the Figure Sessions

As I mentioned in the previous post, this particular figure drawing was a four session drawing. That is four, three hour sessions for a total of 12 hours. We finished up our first long pose model drawing session Thursday afternoon. The first picture was taken after session three. We had to stop an hour early as the model was too tired to go on. We spent the last hour taking turns posing for our classmates and sketching.
The final picture is after the fourth and final session. The changes are very subtle. I was focusing mainly on getting the contours of the body right.
For some reason, the model kept moving around more than usual. I guess that goes with the territory. I believe our next model session will be longer. We are also working on a charcoal drawing of a plaster cast. I will have the pictures of that process for the next post as we have one more session to go on that one.
It is warming up weather-wise. My walks to school are quite pleasant at this time. When it gets hot I might be in a bit of trouble though as I don't take the heat very well! I can't believe we will only be here another five months. It goes by so very fast. We are already looking for a place to rent in Manzanita, OR. I will be continuing my studies on my own. I had planned to be in school for at least four years so I will take that same time to truly study and work before launching myself into the art world. I have very definite plans of what I want to paint and that will take quite a bit of skill. More than I have at the moment, so I am working hard!
Until next week, -Renee

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