Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Climbing Out of Mudholes is Invigorating!

© 2012, R.L. Delight
Like so many places recently, we have had another bout of winter weather here on the coast. The winds came shrieking in at 70 mph plus then suddenly died. Then it began to snow. The snow caught us all by surprise and in a couple of hours we had a couple of inches of heavy slushy cold snow covering everything. Above is our little one-and-only main street that literally ends at the ocean, with a bit of remaining snow to be seen.
Great weather to be in the studio. In fact, knowing that spring, with all its distractions and additional work around house and yard is coming, I was in a bit of a fever to take advantage of the stormy weather. Unfortunately, my art muse, daemon, spirit guide, or whatever one chooses to call such a force, decided otherwise. I diligently set up a quick still life and ended up wiping the whole mess off the panel a couple hours later. I worked on my composition but couldn't seem to make that leap from sketchbook to canvas. I felt like everywhere I turned I was stumbling over something. Perhaps it is the time change we impose upon ourselves for no good reason that I can think of. Perhaps I am just in one of those spots that I am beginning to understand all creatives land in once in a while.
Ah, but to get out and move forward. I guess I could say that has been my accomplishment these past couple of days! All that reading, both of books and blogs, does pay off. I recognized what I was facing and I knew what to do: put my head down and press forward anyway.
So today after working at it the past couple of days and while still feeling the uncomfortable effects of the time change and the wild swings in weather and lunar influences, I finally broke free. It took a day or two but at least I might have wiggled out from under a little! The composition I worked on made that leap from sketchbook to canvas. Finally! I can see the next step now. I wisely backed off the mess on the panel and spent a bit of time snuggled up with hot chocolate almond milk researching art techniques. Patience was rewarded by several serendipitous posts and articles that pointed me to just where I needed to go.
I wonder if the process smooths out as one gains experience? I know from reading the blogs of artists who have been working for years that these spots happen. I think as one gains experience, the transition in and out gets faster, probably not easier though but that is OK, as long as one keeps pressing on.
I could continue rambling on this topic but I think you all get the idea. I found many wonderful things to inspire me but I will share this particular link with everyone. I have mentioned the War of Art by Steven Pressfield a few times before, which I highly recommend reading by the way. I re-read it frequently but I also enjoy his blog. He had a good post the other day with a message I have heard over and over again and necessarily so. Here is the link to it: Good Reads: Working on Two Tracks.  He is a writer of course but what he writes about on the subject of creativity applies to us all.
So here I leave you, climbing out of a mucky mess and hopefully on to a good streak of forward momentum...until the next mud hole happens!

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