Friday, March 1, 2013

Wave Study #39

Ok, up to ten or more spam hits a day. Obviously an automated system. I am afraid I will have to reinstate the word verification. It takes up too much inbox space and annoys the heck out of me having to deal with it every time I go online. Well, it was worth trying.
So, today started out with mizzle and a bit of wind blowing it around. I call this weather facial weather. It isn't super cold and the wet blows on your face and everything else and feels like a cool mist facial. Definitely don't have to worry about drying out this time of year!
The wet stopped this afternoon and even though it was still pearly gray it dried up and the wind died down a bit. Time to hit the beach. I actually did two-one hour studies. I will share number 40 tomorrow. Here is Wave Study 39:
©2013 R.L. Delight, Wave Study #39, 6"x8" oil on canvas.
A gray misty afternoon. It is interesting painting in these conditions. There is actually a lot of subtle color. A camera would never be able to capture it. 
On a related note since it looks like I used a lot of white in this painting, I actually didn't use much more than usual. I never use white straight out of the tube. I mix color into all of the white I put on the canvas.
As you can also see, the cross waves were active again. This time they would slam into oncoming waves in the shallows which caused these fairly regular looking humps that sent spray over the back of them when they crashed into the other waves.
I had fun this afternoon. I tried a few new to me techniques to sort of mix things up. I was surprised by the results. A very enjoyable painting session on the beach.

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