Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And Sometimes Your Heart Breaks

Twill 200-2013
Friday afternoon's post on my Facebook page:

Today a bit of beauty slipped from this world.
Run free my golden heart, until we meet again.
Golden Weaver of Sunlight, Laughter, Mischief, and Love:

All of us who live with beloved animals in our life experience heartbreak when they cross over that rainbow bridge and I am no exception. Twill was slowly declining and struggling to walk. Her spirit was good but I could see her pain. We knew she wouldn't get better so we decided to let her go and help her into the next world. 
She went peacefully with me by her side petting and kissing her. 
I miss my sweet girl.
Transitions are always rough. I have a bit of a bumpy ride ahead of me these next couple of weeks. I will post when I can before settling back in to regular posts. 
I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by loving and generous friends, neighbors, and family. I am truly blessed. 
Until the next post, 


Theresa said...

Oh Renee,

I am so very sorry. I know just how important Twill was to you and yours. I also know the decision is one of the hardest and most necessary ones we have to make. Big hugs and lots of good healing thoughts coming your way. It takes time.

Cindie said...

OH dear, I am so sorry for you, I know your grief, it is so hard to lose such an important part of the family. I was worried after I saw your last post with Twill. Take care of yourself......

Dana said...

Goodbye Twill. Good dog.

Katherine Kean said...

What a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry to read about her passing. She had a good long life, and was lucky to have you.

Give yourself plenty of time.

R. Delight said...

Thank you everybody for the good sweet thoughts.

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