Sunday, November 25, 2018

'Tis the Season

The holiday season is always a busy one. It can be even more so when you are a musician married to another musician. My mate plays the trumpet in several bands and sits in on several more during the holiday season. Most evenings there are rehearsals and performances. This evening I went up north with my mate and did the grocery shopping while he performed at a rendition of the Messiah concert.
I completely missed blogging last week for pretty much the same reason. I always seem to get caught off guard by the sudden arrival of the holiday concert season!
So as not to miss two weeks in a row, I am doing a quick blog post tonight.

I started a new painting using one of my Inktober sketches for reference and inspiration. I have been documenting the work in progress. It is 24"x18", oil on panel. I built the panel myself! Here are three pictures of the painting progress. I still have a few more sessions to go before I set it aside to see if it needs a bit more.

Until next week, wishing for all to have a bit of beauty in your day.

© R.L. Delight, 2018

© R.L. Delight, 2018

© R.L. Delight, 2018

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