Friday, March 5, 2010

Evolution of a Charcoal Study- Day 2

I know what you are thinking, "this looks like day one!" Right? Well, I assure you, it is day two. I spent the entire six hours getting the proportions of the face, head, and upper torso working right. It just isn't as easy as moving a line out here or a line in there. When ever you make a correction the whole drawing needs to be re-adjusted. I just about have it ready to go to the next stage which is to add one more tone so that I have a light, medium, and dark value. Once that is working I go to 5 and then full tones. I have to stop and check that everything, including the drawing, is still working before moving on. It is amazing how fast the drawing goes awry when your back is turned. 
Today, as usual for a Friday, was model sketching and construction drawing. I will post the construction drawing in another post as I haven't had a chance to take a picture of it yet. I came home from school and then left with my husband for the first Friday Art Walk and Chocolate Festival. An irresistible combination. We made a date of it and had dinner out too. It has been a very productive and enjoyable day. 
Tuesday is the next school day we will be working another session on our study. Should have more dramatic changes for you all to see then. -Renee


Life Looms Large said...

Art & chocolate - what a great combination!!!

It's really interesting to see your drawing process. At first I thought I could see a big difference in what I remembered and then in this picture. But then, looking back and forth between the two, I couldn't see as much as a difference as I thought.

Have a great weekend!


R. Delight said...

Hi Sue, the differences are small but is like night and day particularly up close which is impossible to see in this picture! Her whole face structure got changed in addition to proportions. I will be glad to be able to move on to more dramatic changes but if you move on before you get everything working it will never work. Thanks for the comment!

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