Sunday, January 22, 2012

Insert Brilliant and Witty Title Here!

I think I need to create a line of clothing that includes a refillable tablet and pen built into a pocket somewhere. I know a lot of folks have smart phones and iPads for that but I find all the stuff that comes with that tech gets in the way when I really need to write something down, like the clever title for this blog post that I thought of the other day, and then forgot when all the stuff in my poor little brain got in the way! I need to write these things down. So, I figure that maybe I can get away with the above title...once, with your indulgence.
The truth is, I have gone from busy to super busy, crazy, can't-sleep-at-night excitement. I am learning so much and my head is exploding with thoughts, ideas, and must-do lists. In spite of all that, I have been getting into the studio to paint and work hard everyday. I honestly need a couple of lifetimes to learn the many things I want to learn.
I have made progress on my current painting. I have also learned a couple of things along the way. First, the painting:
Still life oil in progress
I still have about another week of work to finish the painting, I think. Hopefully less. This little painting has presented a rather large and somewhat painful learning curve to me. I am actually grateful though. Learning is good.
Lessons Learned So Far: With this painting I realized that I need to do some more drawing practice. A couple of quick sketches before starting would not have been a waste of time for me. I also mentioned that the composition might be a bit too complicated for me to paint this as a fast "daily" style painting. I would simplify it, maybe just paint the giant light bulb resting on the block. I find as well that I am still thinking in terms of studies and being a student. I think I need to keep that frame of mind somewhat, I will always be a student, but I also need to think in terms of telling the story I want to tell in its entirety. This composition falls somewhere in the middle. There is a story, which I will tell when the painting is finished but I also set it up like an exercise. I hope that makes sense. There is a subtle difference between the two ideas.
I am going to work on painting a lot looser with the next painting. I think I am trying to put in too much detail for what the painting is supposed to be. I love to paint that way but I think it would work better for me to do that in a slightly larger format.
I can go on for a few more paragraphs but you probably get the idea. I ended the week on Friday tired and a bit discouraged. I really want to move on. After a day or two, I am feeling a lot better about the whole thing. I know that my skills improve with every drawing and painting I do. Speed and accuracy will come with practice. I am having a lot of fun with color.
I have put a lot of things into motion this week and things will start to settle in a bit more over the next couple of weeks.
I will be back on Wednesday. My new web site is up and running, please go to
R.L to check it out. If you are on Facebook, I have a page there too, please "like" it to keep posted. I have a Facebook badge on the side bar. Click on it to link.
Thanks! Next post I have a question to pose!


Theresa said...

Well, I tried the new website but no go. I am loving the painting. Is that a darkroom light?
Glad Twill enjoyed the snow BTW and I know what you mean about how they use to enjoy it with abandon.
And look my verification word is flash! ;)

R. Delight said...

Thanks Theresa, I will check the link to my website and get it fixed right now. The lightbulb I found on the beach! I suspect it came off a large ship.

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