Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Geek Creativity

I am posting this a bit early as we have the first official hurricane-force wind warning for the Oregon coast since 2007. The storm is due to hit in the wee hours and I am not sure if we will have power tomorrow. I wanted to honor my new commitment to posting on this blog twice a week. Winter has definitely decided it was time to show up. We had 2" of snow on the beach yesterday morning! Twill and I took the camera along on our morning sunrise walk:
Twill is my dear goofy dog. She is the best studio companion!
I have a lot of exciting things going on in my art world. In spite of that, I am putting in time in the studio. First up, I have a website built! My website can be found at rldelight.com. On it you will find pictures of my art, my artist statement, and bio. Oh, and the Delight? That is my last name, really!
Second, every spare minute I have has gone into listening and learning about art and art marketing. My latest and best find so far has been this fantastic podcast with Dreama Tolle Perry and Leslie Saeta. They have put out quite a few of them so it will take a while to hear them all. I have learned so much! They put in good research and produce quite an informative podcast, not to mention they are fun to listen to. I would highly recommend the podcast to anyone who is getting started in marketing their art or craft (weavers take note, most of their information would apply to a weaving business too!)
Finally, I love to read and study the art and science of creativity. I have been doing this for years so I have quite a list of books I have read and websites I have investigated. I rarely learn anything really new but I do find most of them inspiring, and some not as inspiring. One common thread that nearly all, if not all, have is this simple message:
Do The Work!!!
Do It Now.
Sometimes it is put in different terms like show up at the page/easel/loom. Notice I used every highlight device I have at my disposal on the phrase. I bet you already know this in your heart and head. Sometimes it can take a bit to get it into your body. That's OK, as long as it gets there! My body is starting to get that and dances up to the studio, climbs into the loom, and sits down with the cello with regularity. I am finding it very joyful.
I will put the podcast and artist links in the side bar too. Go listen to the podcast. I subscribed through iTunes and listen to it (and others) while I do dishes and clean house. I have even caught myself doing chores that I would otherwise put off because I know I get to listen to the podcast! Hint: have a notepad and pen handy.
Now I am off to batten down the hatches. I will have a progress report on my painting on Sunday.


Theresa said...

Behind as always! Yes, you have to do the work and good to read you are playing that cello! I'm envious.
I played bass for many years, but arthritic fingers dictated a stoppage. I've often thought about piano, but never had an affinity for the instrument.
Can't wait to see the new web site! Good for you.

R. Delight said...

Theresa, I know you do the work from your blog. I am thinking how to squeeze 10 minutes here and there in to sew some desperately needed clothes as your sewing has inspired me so much. You played the bass? One of those huge upright bass? If I remember right you are about the same height as me. My cello is big enough to haul around I couldn't imagine hauling an instrument twice my size (well nearly :) !) I know what you mean about the piano. Lovely instrument but I too never had the affinity. Sorry you had to stop playing the bass. Glad you have so many other ways to create!

R. Delight said...

I updated this post! I was having tech issues getting the website up. They were resolved and it is up and running.

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