Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Your Sentence?

Newly Borne, oil on canvas 9"X12"-R.L. Delight
Last year I participated in an interesting project conducted by none other than Daniel Pink. He sent a call out to send him a video describing what your purpose is in the world, in one sentence. In other words, tell him what your sentence is. I had read a few of his books including A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. I thought his project sounded like a good exercise. So, I did it. I thought about what my sentence was, video taped it, toyed with the idea of sending it in, decided to finish the exercise and send it in anyway and then forgot about it. A while later, I got a general e-mail from Daniel Pink saying that the video composition was completed. He received hundreds of submissions and apologized to us and said he was only able to put a handful into the three minute video. Imagine my surprise as I clicked on it to watch it to see myself pop up part way in! My jaw dropped. Well, the sound quality of my video (my video, not theirs) wasn't that great but they subtitled it. Then, there was the matter of my name. They put Renee De La Prade instead of mine. That's OK though. I told them not to worry about having to go back in and change it. It was the exercise that counted for me not getting included in the video. Plus, when I Googled Renee De La Prade it turns out she is a musician, an "accordion playing babe" from San Francisco with hot pink hair (at the time). I believe she does burlesque shows.  I thought it was amusing and sort of a nice alter ego. I friended her on Facebook for the heck of it.
Back to my sentence, I said on the video that "She showed the world that the beauty of women, all women, has no boundaries."  Not bad at the time but my sentence has changed. It has deepened!
What's my sentence now? It is; "She paints stories about Truth and Beauty." You may have noticed that it is my tagline. I debated about the tagline. Sometimes it sounds kind of cheesy to me. I mean, many artists paint stories about truth and beauty, right? What stops my finger from hitting the delete button is that it is the truth. My truth. My sentence. Below you will find the video but before you watch it, tell me, What is your sentence?

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