Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Fortune Teller's Childhood

A Fortune Teller's Childhood, 6"x6" oil on panel. c. R.L. Delight, 2012
Here is my latest not-so-daily painting! I am getting faster. I finished this one in about 5 1/2 hours. I am trying to get them to no more than three hours long. I want to be able to paint a daily painting and spend the rest of the day working on longer and larger paintings or improving my drawing skills. This one was a lot of fun. We have a cute little candy store in town, like many of these ocean-side villages. The store sells what is called nostalgic candy in addition to lovely chocolates and truffles. It is a tiny store but very well stocked. I can't resist all the bright colors and fun shapes. Included in the painting above are wax lips, a giant jawbreaker and chocolate coins. I was impressed and intrigued by the sculpting of the waxed lips, not bad! I knew I had to paint some waxed lips one day when I spotted a burly biker dude with a gray pony tail and dressed in biker leathers walking down the street with wax lips from the candy store in his face. I had to laugh and I definitely wished I had my camera.
I would have liked to paint this at a different angle with not quite so much of the backdrop. I am limited in the room and equipment I have. I am working on getting that changed.
I love painting the daily paintings. They give me space to play, learn, and experiment. 
I plan to spend tomorrow building a very special prop and working on a composition for a deeply personal cause. I will have more about that in the next few weeks.
Off to raid the candy store, -Renee


Theresa said...

Oh it's wonderful! Love the wax lips...hey I have a pair right here....:)

Karen Martin Sampson said...

I love this! I remember the wax lips, etc., from my childhood too and this is a wonderful representation of that era. Especially love the title:-) Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and I am happy you enjoy reading what I am up to. Some days I don't feel so very inspired and I worry that it shows in my postings...or lack thereof! Gee, it really is too bad you couldn't have gotten a photo of the biker dude with the wax lips on...he might not even have minded having his picture taken.

R. Delight said...

Hi Theresa and Karen! Doesn't waxed lips bring us back to our childhood and isn't it fun to have them still around?
Karen, you are probably right, I would have chased the man down and taken his picture if I had my camera. I am looking into a small camera I can always carry in my pocket for that purpose. One of the things I love about your blog, besides your beautiful work, is that it is truthful. Truth and Beauty, doesn't get better than that! : )

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful painting with a beautiful would be a great book title also. Just saying!

Your studio practice sounds excellent! I've been pretty dedicated (by my standards) over the winter, but we'll see how that holds up as the weather warms up. I need to work outdoors perhaps!


R. Delight said...

Sue your comment made me smile. It would be an intriguing book title indeed. I know what you mean about the temptations of warmer weather. Fortunately, I can and will head outside with my paints or sketchpad.

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