Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When a Painting Goes Bad, It Goes Really Bad...

Nope, can't do it! I just cannot put a picture of my current painting in progress when it apparently has a mind of its own and it has gone very wrong. So...deep breath...what happened? It started innocently enough. I decided to try a new-to-me technique (fate temptation number one) with the expanded teapot set-up I took a photo of a couple of posts back. I was feeling fairly confident (fate temptation number two) after painting just the teapot, lid, and candy in the small quick painting from the previous post. This time I did a drawing of the entire set up and transferred the drawing to a 9"x12" canvas. So far, not so bad. The drawing looked accurate even after I set it aside and came back to it. After transferring the drawing, I started painting...and things fell apart from there! Suddenly things are not looking like they are in the correct place and the teapot, my god the teapot looks like something sat on it!
OK, I know when things take a sharp turn to the dark side it is time to take a good break. I took Twill and headed out to the beach for a lovely long and very chilly walk. During the walk I reflected on what I have learned during the past couple of years about what to do when things go wrong in the painting/drawing department. So, step back, look at the whole. Yes, yes, somehow things have run wild and have gotten off kilter. I know from experience that just shaving a bit here and adding a bit there doesn't always work. Actually, I have found it usually doesn't work and makes things even worse in the long run! So, upon returning and looking at said "whole" I can see a few things that can be done and lessons reinforced along the way.
I believe I mentioned in a recent post that I see things better when painting than drawing. In the future, unless there is a very convincing reason, I will not be starting a painting by transferring a drawing. Drawing with paint, yes. Painting a drawing, no. It was a good thing to try though and now I know, not for me. I knew that things could go wrong even with an accurate drawing that had been transferred but wow, what a wreck!
So, I will be setting the painting aside as I have a special visitor coming for a day or two and want to do some sketches of her. I will be going to life drawing on Sunday too so I won't be getting back to the painting until next week. I might have a sketch or two to post and I am still working on the composition for a very special painting I am starting. No, I will not be doing a drawing and then transferring it! I will do a few more composition and thumbnail sketches though!
Well, I feel better. Worse comes to worse, I can always have at the canvas with a sharp knife and weave the shreds into something pretty...!
OK, I know you all have your own creative disaster stories, it goes with the territory. So, have you ever recycled a mess into something triumphant? Please do share!


Rukshana Afia said...

I usually make my greetings cards by doing a collage on ~ A4 paper and then cutting it into 4 to mount . I use old cards , wrapping paper & calendars - just recently I have added in prints that didn't properly take or were otherwise definitely faulty rather than within natural variance . No one has noticed and I'm getting rid of stuff that otherwise sits there jeering at me !

Anonymous said...

this is where I'm at now. My painting was a struggle but having its own life and thinking it'll work. Love your blog, much like mine and will borrow some ideas. Carolyn

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