Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wrangling a Painting

After a few days break over the weekend, I got back to the painting in progress that was causing me such grief last week. I knew a bit of time away would help. This is very much a painting in progress as it is passing through its ugly duckling stage. All the colors are blocked in and now I am going through again and adjusting tone, half-tone, and colors as well as slightly tweaking the drawing part as needed. I need to lighten the dark shadows on the teapot a bit as they look too dark, and too blue, to me now. I am satisfied, so far, that I got the wayward teapot size and shape under control. It was going wild there for a bit. I will be moving around the painting and bringing everything up to the same level of finish before adding more detail.
I mentioned in a previous post that I am reading A History of American Tonalism: 1880-1920. I really am enjoying the book even though it is physically challenging to read such a huge tome. I decided to try something I read on the white tablecloth when the painting is at the right point for it. I will describe it, whether it works or not, when I get to that point. I am not even sure if it is an appropriate technique to use but I like to experiment and think it is worth a try. I am aiming to get to that point for the next post on Sunday.
I have been exploring more artist blogs and will have a few to share when things slow down a bit. We are having lovely, stormy, winter weather here on the wild north Oregon  coast. Just right for long cozy days in the studio!
Will be reporting on the progress soon!

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