Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Change of Scene

Falcon Cove Area looking south
The weather is always changing here. Yesterday sunny and today, cold, wet, and stormy. Not too stormy to paint though! I had access to our CRV today so I drove seven miles up the road to a place I haven't had a chance to explore yet. It is a bit off the beaten path down a narrow bumpy road but I made my way down to this beach where I was the only person on it. It is so completely different from the beach where I live even though it is only a few miles north. There are all these lovely smooth round stones for one that are slippery to walk on. The wave action is completely different but no less dramatic. I had the scant shelter of a high bank at my back where I set up my easel. Here is a picture of the steps I had to make my way down to the beach on:
They were sturdy but the driftwood is slippery when wet and I had my painting pack on my back. I went slow and careful down the steps. If you look toward the upper right of the picture you can see my white car parked in the distance.
Here is the beach looking to the north:
Falcon cove area looking north
I painted here for about two hours before I got too cold. I got rained on a little bit. I have switched to the water miscible oil paints and when they get wet they run, unlike regular oil paints. It was a challenge now and then. There was only a slight wind but enough to make it a cold wet day of painting. I liked this spot and will go back again since it is so close. I was happy to get back home to a hot lunch and tea.
I did finish the painting, number 12 in the wave study series. I decided to take a picture of it tomorrow in the daylight. It was too dark to take a picture in natural light and the daylight bulbs just don't quite do the same. This time of year where I live it is too dark by 4pm. I will post it tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, I have another special outing planned. I have to drop off two of my paintings at the Cannon Beach Art Gallery. I volunteer there as a docent manning the gallery. This month is the docent's show where all of us volunteers get to display some of our work for sale. A bit of unfortunate timing for me as I am slowly changing the kind of work I do and only have older work but I am happy to have the opportunity. I will be taking my sweet girl Twill with me and after we drop off the work, I am going to go paint. I am not sure if I will go to Ecola State Park, Hug Point, or perhaps Arch Cape or Arcadia Beach. I have to check the tides. Unless it is pouring rain, I will take the camera again to share a bit of the beauty of the coast as well as my paintings. Twill and I will be making a day of it.
It is getting late and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow and I best get ready.
A final note for those who read past the special section in a previous post. It is a definite thumbs up on the pStyle. Works just fine.

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