Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lucky 13

Lucky 13, Wave study-13, 6"x8", oil on hemp
Dreadful isn't it? Yes it is. Oh, I know it has potential and there are elements that captured information I need even if they are quite raw, but, it is still dreadful and very discouraging. I was beginning to think that study number 13 was going to be jinxed.
Here is the back story on this one:
I have been doing a bit of studying and have a few new process skills I am acquiring. That was challenge number one. It is always one step forward and three steps back when you start to throw new techniques or new mediums in.
I spent a very cold and wet three hours out on the beach, although some of that time was spent observing and sketching, which was challenge number 2. I got home cold, wet, hungry, tired, and discouraged.
I knew what I had to do. I got all of my gear drying in front of the fireplace, got into warm dry clothes, and had hot food and drink. I put the painting away for the rest of the day and did not look at it again until this morning.
While resting I reviewed what went wrong and realized what was going right! I was trying to paint some rather complex waves that fascinate me and are, at the moment, a huge challenge to my wave painting skills. I did capture their spirit but not their technical points.
I need more information and study. That was a great discovery. I tried, I didn't succeed as desired, study further, try again. Hopefully it will improve, but maybe not at first.
The rest of my day seemed to go like the painting. Even my cooking did not turn out and I will state that I am a decent cook. After thinking about the painting and the day in general I realized that this was Lucky 13 indeed.
Lucky because I learned, lucky because I did it anyway even when I wanted to give up, and lucky because today I went out and spent three hours watching and sketching the waves to further understand my kinetic and fluid subject matter. This is my job and here is my office:
My office, it changes by the minute
And here is one of my office mates:
One of my office mates
Yes, sometimes it is hard and frustrating but I absolutely love it. I got a lot of good information today but it will take time to assimilate. Tomorrow I will paint wave study number 14. I don't know if I will try to paint those incredible cross-waves that intrigue me so much but I will get back to them soon.
Here is to lucky 13!


Theresa said...

I like 13! It shows an enormous step forward in skills and I think
it may be one of my favorites because of that. As you said, moving forward and trying new techniques. Of course they won't be perfect but your imperfect isn't too shabby either! As to the office mates, a noisy bunch no doubt, and sometimes messy! ;)

Cindie said...

I love seeing your posts on this waves series exercise.

R. Delight said...

Thanks for the encouragement Theresa and Cindie! Funny thing, I knew when I typed "tomorrow I will do number 14" It was waving a red flag with a target on it in front the fates. Alas, today was beautiful and I got hit with a bout of food poisoning. Ugh. I rarely go out to eat and last night I did. Paying the price this morning. Ah well, I am spending the time I am able to focus on studying. I do appreciate the encouragement. It looks like a good time to catch up with the two of you on your blogs too. Cheers!

Dana said...

Your focus and dedication are so inspiring Renee. The wave studies are amazing in themselves and as a record of your application and determination. Go go go! I'm very sorry to hear that you have had food poisoning. That's a definate block in the road. Get well soon.

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