Saturday, December 1, 2012

Storm Chase-ee

© 2012 R.L. Delight, Wave Study 10, 6"x8", oil on hemp canvas
You have probably heard of storm-chasers, those adrenaline junkies who head into extreme weather to gather information to help further our knowledge, well today I became a storm-chase-ee. A storm chase-ee is someone who wisely seeks shelter when all hell breaks loose weather-wise. I set out to complete my tenth wave study in our CRV as the wind and rain was pretty fierce. I got an hour into the painting when the day darkened and the rain became torrential. It was starting to practically pour in through the open window so I packed up and headed to my warm studio just in time. Not long after I left another intense lightning storm swept through. I don't mind being out in the elements but thunder and lightning are not to be flirted with. I had the bones of the painting down with waves blocked in and approximate color down. The advantage of being in the studio is that I could pay more attention to values. I am still so new to plein air painting that I struggle a bit getting a good range of values out in the field. I will get there!
So ten down, ninety studies to go. That is about three months worth of entertainment for all of us. Tomorrow I will get a picture of the first 10 paintings on the bulletin board and post it. I also will be choosing one of my favorites to recreate in the studio or at least use as a starting point for a finished painting on a linen panel. I have my eye on one but this one may tempt me too. Hmmm, I might have to do more than one.
Tomorrow I have a break from painting to get a few necessary errands done up north. Picking up new waterproof boots is a high priority item on my list. My current pair have big cracks appearing and duct tape doesn't hold up to salt and sand.
I can't believe December is upon us!
Well, I have lists to make for tomorrow's jaunt. I will be heading to life drawing in the morning first. It will be a busy day.
Stay safe from the storms everyone!


Theresa said...

Pretty excited to see them all together. As to boots, well, I've had my Bogs going into their 4th year. Can't say enough about them and they hold up much better than Muck Boots brand. Warm too.

R. Delight said...

Thanks for the boot tip Theresa. I have been eyeing Bogs brand but wasn't sure how they would hold up for the price. I have tried pricey boots before with no luck. I will take a look. Will be getting home late afternoon. I will have to rig the daylight lamps to get a good pic but I really want to get that picture. Thanks again! -Renee

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