Monday, January 5, 2015

Studying a Study

I work at a part time job two days a week. This is my final month and I am counting off the days! Since I did not have a lot of time to work on painting and drawing today I decided to do a study of a plein air wave study I painted over a year ago. Here is the plein air study,

© 2015, R.L. Delight, Wave Study #68, 6"x8", oil on canvas.

I decided to use graphite pencil and gouache to make the study. I wanted to see if I push some of the light and dark nuances with gouache. Here is the study I painted today:

© 2015 R.L. Delight, Study of #68, 6"x8", graphite and gouache on gray paper

It isn't an exact copy of course, I mainly wanted a bit of reference material to practice with. Creating a study like this also keeps me moving forward when there isn't much time to work on drawing or painting due to whatever reason. I am still new to using gouache and am enjoying seeing what I can do with it.
Tonight I will be working on my musical part of life. My band is beginning the process of making our second CD. That is always exciting, and a lot of work. Very satisfying work I might add. The similarities between art and music are abundant. Probably why so many artists I know of are also musicians!
I might draw a similar study of a Fredric Waugh painting tomorrow. It would be interesting to try.


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