Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gone Painting...Again

Ahhhh...the sun is out, and it is warm! That means it is time. Time to head out of the studio and paint while the sun shines and, did I mention it's warm?! Before heading out, I found a couple of landscape painting books on Google books. I do love these wonderful online resources and these are free to read.
I recognized these painters from the huge tome on American Tonalism I mentioned in a previous post. They are interesting to read even after wading through the rather ethnocentric proclamations, not to mention the gender bias.
The first is The Art of Lanscape Painting in Oil Colour by Sir Alfred East

and the second is Landscape Painting by Birge Harrison.

I haven't read through them completely but I thought they would be good inspiration before heading out this week. 
I will be back soon!

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