Wednesday, May 16, 2012


©2012, R.L. Delight, Illuminating Conversations, 6"x6" oil on panel
I have been working on the drawing for the musical series I am starting. It is the largest composition I have done yet. I ran into a few technical difficulties along the way. I don't have a drawing board large enough so I put a couple of drawing boards together on my easel and taped the overlapping seam. Over that, I pieced together a few sheets of paper, for the same reason. The composition is 22"x40". I started the drawing and got a few days into it, struggling the whole time. Putting the pencil down, I took a break to puzzle out the problem and suddenly realized I was fighting physics. My cobbled together set up was getting in the way of drawing accurately.
I consulted with my in-house builder, who I am conveniently married to, and he popped over to the hardware store and brought home a sheet of masonite. He very kindly cut a large piece for me to use for a drawing board. No seams, all one plane, that's the ticket! As a bonus, the extra masonite will be cut into panels for me to paint on.
 I went ahead and started the drawing over again. It is going a lot faster and smoother this time. I am also making a video of the work in progress which will be shown when the work is finished.
The weather has been lovely, not too warm and not freezing cold. I had planned to get out to do a bit of plein air painting but wanted to build a special prop first. The prop is built and will have its debut when the conditions are right. There will be pictures by and by.
A fairly short and simple post as there is not a lot to show and tell at this time. The past couple of posts I have shared a few art links I enjoy. I would love to add to my resources so if anyone has a few favorite art links, feel free to leave a comment or comment on my Facebook page (link on the right of blog).


Dana said...

How wonderful to have an in-house fix-it guy! Sometimes the technical difficulties just get to be too much, although you are pretty handy yourself. Looking forward to seeing your painting.

Anonymous said...

Good tools are a necessity, just like a plumber. I started a sculpture trying to keep an area clean as we are selling the house. Ended up twisting my back in process and now have a stalled sculpture. We are too use to working with less. Enjoy your plein aire experience. Glad your in house carpenter gave you a solution.

R. Delight said...

@Dana, I definitely appreciate my handy guy. He always has been very supportive that way. Thanks for stopping by!
@ Anonymous, as a plumber's daughter, I definitely know the value of tools and keep my own well stocked tool box with my very own drill, hammer and saw! I also know the pain of staging a house for sell. Hope your place sells quickly and your new studio is spacious and well equipted!
Thanks for the comments.

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