Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Sketchy Day

One of the things I determined after evaluating my art working methods following the 30 in 30 challenge, was that I really need to take at least one day a week just to observe and sketch the ocean. The weather today was transitional and therefore it would be sunshine one minute, rain the next, and a constant wind. Not a great day to paint. The weekend is supposed to be nice though so looking forward to getting out to paint then. Sketching in such weather is a lot easier. Not as much gear, just a pack with sketchbook, pencils, and a few things to make oneself comfy such as a towel to sit on, plastic bags for any found treasures, binoculars, water, etc..
The tide was going out this afternoon when I hiked up the beach. I left from my front door on foot today as I felt like a good walk as well. When I got to my usual spot the waves were quite disappointing and fairly far out. The wave surges keep me at a distance. I picked a likely rock to sit on but had to move when one of the sneaker waves came in.
Here is what my office looked like:
Sketch site
As you can see, it was one of those flat gray moments in the day. This is not a black and white picture!
Here is what my sketchbook looked like:
Sketchy day. Elements of waves and rocks study. Water soluble graphite on paper.
I like to use water soluble graphite pencils and a Niji water brush pen. I use HB and 4B pencils. I am thinking of trying a bit of white gouache paint to get a better representation. This is not a composed drawing. It is just several elements put down on paper at random.
I have done this type of sketching of the sea before but, after reading the section in the book on Frederick Waugh, featured in yesterday's post, about his time living on the Isle of Sark, I really got inspired! He spent his time there studying the sea for all he was worth. He would spend hours doing sketches of each element, often putting himself in risky situations. Risky situations are a challenge even for me. It is so easy to lose track of awareness of time and then be caught off guard by the tides. There are areas that are dangerous to be when the tide is coming in. It is one of the reasons I set an alarm on my phone. One of the advantages of modern tech!
Needless to say, I have added the Isle of Sark to my "must see and visit" list. I am also thoroughly enjoying the book. I just have to resist the urge to call a day off and curl up and read all day.
I will think about putting a book report on one of my posts when I am finished with it.
Tomorrow depending on the weather, I will either be painting in the studio or on the beach. I am still trying to catch up in the studio getting it cleaned up and making fixes for some of my gear. I haven't had a chance to get back to my Webinarts classes today either. I can see there is still room for improvement in my organization skills. Well, it is time to get ready to turn in for the day. We shall see what the morrow shall bring...


Theresa said...

I see now you're showing sketches just to tease me. It looks lovely and unlike my sketches, actually looks like what you are sketching! ;)

JanettMarie said...

Wow, great studies. Do be careful out there.
Love watching your paintings come to life.

R. Delight said...

Theresa, I remember that I thought I could draw decently when I first started in at Ashland Academy of Art. We started with simple simple things, and I learned I had a ways to go. Keep at it!
@JanettMarie, thanks for the lovely comment! I do my best to take care and appreciate the concern. :)

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