Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wave Study #35

© 2013  R.L. Delight, Wave Study#35
I am stepping out in a slightly different direction with my wave studies. I will be methodically focusing on certain elements and the studies will be only about an hour in length. This gives me time to just study the waves and take notes. I am finding doing this very very helpful. Eventually it will all come together. The more I study the sooner that eventually will be.
This also means that some of these studies will not necessarily be pretty paintings. I knew that from the beginning. You have to make a lot of not-so-pretty paintings to begin to make the pretty ones.
Even thought this isn't exactly a glamorous part of making art, I am excited about it as it means that I am learning.
Today was a very gray day, unlike yesterday. Typical weather for around here.
Sunday and Monday are my weekend off so no posts until Tuesday! I do plan to take advantage of the tides and go study and observe tomorrow. The tides rule the schedule.

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