Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ready for the Next Phase

© 2013 R.L. Delight, A dramatic February day on the Coast
The picture above was taken earlier this month. Today was a beautiful sunny day here, but cold. The sunshine was warming in the early afternoon but most of the day was chilly.
I realized I missed a blogging day on Saturday. Since my mate and I take our weekends on Sunday and Monday and this weekend was a holiday weekend for many, I got a bit confused. Add to that moving our regular band rehearsal day to Sunday and, well, I lost track of which day was what.
I did work in the studio on Saturday getting things fixed, moved, cleaned, and ready for the next phase. I also attended life drawing on Sunday, which further confused things. I haven't been to life drawing for a month or so, unusual for me. Thankfully I did remember how to draw the human figure and we had an excellent model.
I spent today in the studio as well setting up the still life elements of a marine painting (more later) and making some new tools to take out in the field with me. I also got out to the beach this afternoon with my sketchbook. One of the perks of going so hard on plein air painting in January is that I discovered fairly quickly what is working for me and what isn't. I am making a wet panel carrier for myself and would eventually like to get a different plein air set up.
Here is what I plan for the upcoming weeks:
  • Plein Air sessions: 2-3 times a week depending on weather and tide. 3- one hour wave studies per session.
  •  Working on larger more formal paintings.
  • Self-portrait studies
  • Munsell color studies
  • Sunday life drawing whenever possible. 
I want to keep building my skills in figurative and portraiture. My main focus of course, is the sea.
I did finish the Frederick Waugh book and found it very interesting. I will have a report on that soon.
We have a regular winter storm forecast for Friday. I will need to break off my Thursday afternoon to head north for supplies for our pantry and home.
I am always amazed to read about other women artists who do all this and rear kids too! I don't have the kids, just one fuzzy red dog and a husband and I stay plenty busy. I will have pictures of my home built panel carrier soon!
Twill on the Beach

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