Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Studio Day

I had originally planned to spend the morning cleaning, organizing, and creating in my studio then go out to paint in the afternoon. I got so invigorated happily getting my studio back in order that I decided to keep on going and spend the day. I also wanted to make a wet panel carrier and a small oil paint sketching box but didn't quite get to those projects. I will work at them this week.
I was offered a special deal at Vistaprint to have some bumper stickers printed and I couldn't resist ordering a few. They came today and I immediately cut one up to fit on my pochade box so that people passing by can see. I got the idea from another artist and thought it clever. Here is mine:
Bumper Sticker Art
They are bumper sticker size of course and all in one strip but it was too long for my little box so I cut it in two to fit.
As I worked my way through the studio getting things clean, organizing, culling stuff to give to the thrift store and putting stuff in the recycling box, I also did many of the little nagging repairs. I have said this before and I will say it again here, tools are a girl's best friend! Not the silly, cheap, whimpy so-called-tools they sometimes put out for women, but real women's tools. I am talking Black and Decker baby and I don't think they come in pink! I managed to locate the missing charger to this handy item:
Real tools are a girl's best friend!
I must add a note here, I have my own set of tools so I don't have to borrow my mate's. Sometimes he steals my tools although not very often. I did, however, lose my favorite red drill and a saw to him! For little items like box cutters and such, I do deliberately buy dolled up versions so they don't disappear on me:
Pretty little things that don't wander off!
Please don't misunderstand me, I love beauty but, when it comes to tools, I don't love beauty at the cost of function.
Now, don't get me started on outdoor gear for women! I could do a whole post ranting about that issue. I will note here too that the Boggs boots that my blogging friend Theresa recommended have worked out quite well so there is hope.
High tide is around 2:30 pm tomorrow so it will be a perfect time to go paint after lunch. I will continue to finish my work in the studio in the morning.
If all goes well, I should have another wave study to post tomorrow.


Linda Nickles said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing all the helpful information. I especially love your fancy box cutter... where did you find it?

R. Delight said...

Hi Linda! I cannot exactly remember where I found it. I want to say at a fabric store or a variety store of some sort. These things tend to be in the impulse purchase areas of stores like Harbor Freight or the bigger fabric store chains.
I was happy to find it as box cutters seem to be the item most likely to disappear.

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