Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Waugh Book!

I was thrilled to find that my interlibrary loan request for the book, Frederick J. Waugh, American Marine Painter, by George Havens, had arrived today. I had gone to the library because I hadn't heard so much as a peep that my request had been received let alone processed. This book is out of print and there isn't a lot of them floating around. The asking price online is a lot more than I can justify. I just want the information! The book was published in 1969. I was seven years old then.
Here is the book:
Almost all of it is text with some black and white plates in the back and some very beautiful color plates. The color plates look like they were lithographed rather than being like the color reproductions in the book I showed yesterday.
The plates are challenging to photograph without hurting the book but here are two beauties that I somewhat managed to get. Glare is a problem too:
Open Sea, by Frederick J. Waugh, 36"x48", 1930? *
Tropic Seas, by Frederick J. Waugh, 48"x72", 1934 *
I am posting in haste this afternoon as tomorrow is a work day and I am trying to get as much done as possible. Tonight is band rehearsal too.
I will be adding snippets of interesting quotes and tidbits as I read through the book to my blog posts. I cannot renew the book so I will be dropping all my reading and focusing on getting this one read and studied.
Back to painting tomorrow!

* - Plates from Frederick J. Waugh, American Marine Painter, George R. Havens, University of Maine Press, 1969.


Theresa said...

What a find and such a source of inspiration!

Katherine Kean said...

It looks gorgeous - thanks for posting the images - especially since they are hard to find.

R. Delight said...

Thanks Theresa and Katherine!
I am an admirer of your work Katherine and need to catch up on reading your blog.

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