Thursday, January 10, 2013

30in 30 Challenge: Day 9

Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature and when she raises her voice it is best to listen! Today was a day of choices gone wrong. I think I went from plan "A" to plan "Z" before dark. I will try to be brief but here is the back-story followed by pictures:
Last night I decided I would paint a studio painting in the morning and then head north to do the major shopping in the afternoon. We live in a fairly isolated area. The nearest large chain grocery store is a 35 minute drive up the coast. I don't shop at chain grocery stores so I go to a food co-op which is 45 or 50 minutes up the coast. I don't go too often!
The plan changes started this morning when we woke up to a light dusting of slippery snow. That meant my mate needed the sure-footed car to go to work. No problem, I would catch up on a few things and paint that studio painting and shop another day. When I went to get the mail (we don't have house delivery in our village so we pick it up at the Post Office 2 blocks away) the sun was out and though it was chilly, the sun was warming things up. Great! How could I resist that? I had a quick lunch, grabbed my painting pack and headed out to my favorite spot. The waves were doing interesting things and I quickly got started. 
Here is where my judgement really went awry! I decided to include part of  Neahkahnie Mountain in my painting as the most interesting waves were dancing around at the foot of the mountain. I don't have a lot of practice painting the mountain, yet, and realized that it would take me a little bit longer to get the proper values, details, and atmospheric perspective in. That isn't a problem UNLESS Mother Nature decides to turn the storms paralleling the shore forty five degrees to now become incoming storms. Within 5 minutes of the change, which announced itself with a shift in the wind, I was being drenched with cold stinging rain and my hands were quickly going numb. Did I mention we had snow this morning?
I made a few other bad judgements in my haste to get enough info on the painting and pack it in.
I will spare you all the extra details, as well as the details of my further mis-adventures after my return home, but when I looked at it again I sadly realized I had a mess on my hands. Too bad because I liked where the sky was going. So here is the beautiful mess, well part of it anyway:
30 in 30 challenge Day 9
The paint was thick and sticky to work with, probably due to the weather which was making my eyes stream tears when I was painting. It was hard to get a good picture with the lights due to the paint shine.
So, what does one do with a painting that didn't work out? First one realizes that lessons were learned and a brave attempt was made. That counts and is something to be proud of, a battle scar if you will. Second is to wipe the panel clean so it can be used again. So....
Clean Slate
Ta Dah!!! A subtly toned clean slate ready to go for tomorrow.
I write all of the above, not for sympathy, but hopefully to give others encouragement and to tell the story of what goes in to being an artist. It isn't all just wearing smart looking berets and twirling our mustaches, specially since I have neither! Greater artists than I have had to wipe off a painting. I am in good company!
If you have made it this far, thank you! I have a cold coming on and am in a whimsical mood from a combination of herbal cold medicine and exhaustion. Rest is the best cure for both and will be administered soon.
I will paint an easier painting tomorrow. Then again, the best laid plans...

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