Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weathering Changes

Plein air painting at Hug Point on a sunny January afternoon
We had a storm system move in last night and the front took all day to pass over us. Weather here usually comes from the west or southwest, from the ocean. I spent the day fidgeting while getting other things done and looking for a break in the weather. My gear can withstand quite a few conditions even though I have to admit I push the boundaries of it at times. I can paint in wind or rain but not both wind and rain.
"No problem, I will paint in the truck",  I thought.
I got my gear into the truck and happily set out the half mile I needed to travel to get to a good viewing spot. I admired the surf even though the light was rather flat and gray. I parked and rolled down the window to get an unhampered view and... was promptly drenched by a wind blown downpour (Note: it strikes me as rather amusing that we still say "rolled" down a car window. I wonder if the generation who grew up only with electric windows gets the connection?).
I sat for a while with the window rolled back up, studying the waves and water and describing color and value out loud to myself. The view soon became distorted from the rain hitting the window and I realized that the conditions for painting were not good BUT, I could sketch! I got out my sketchbook and made sketches of waves with notes on color and movement. I felt confident I could paint this from memory and sketches. Unfortunately for me, by the time I got home it was too late for me to start a painting for today's challenge. Instead I got ahead in the chores so I can hit the studio or beach first thing tomorrow.
I suddenly feel like a view opened up for me. I now have a way I can still work from life, which has become increasingly important for me, even when the conditions are such that painting directly won't work!
I have been floating on a happy cloud all day. Tomorrow, I am going to begin the schedule that I planned to be following after the challenge has ended.
I am two paintings behind but I will be able to paint two paintings a day until the end of the challenge and have two bonus paintings when finished if all goes according to plan. That time includes a weekend off, which for my husband and myself, means Sunday and Monday. I will be able to spend weekends taking care of myself, family, and catching up on the Webinarts course I am taking. I need to get those changes to my website and blog done.
The storm front passed just as the sun was going down. Tomorrow looks a bit more settled but the weather here is very unpredictable. I am taking a deep breath, and we shall see if tomorrow goes as I believe it will. Wish me luck!

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