Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wave Study #17 and Day 2 30/30 Challenge

I had to flip my usual painting times today so I could pick up my paintings from the gallery that I tried to pick up from yesterday. I forgot the gallery was closed yesterday. I decided to take advantage of being out with the car so chose a different spot to paint en plein air today. The first two spots were too isolated and I suddenly realized how vulnerable I could be. That is one of the reasons I would like to find a couple of hearty painting buddies to occasionally go out to more isolated spots. I found a good spot to paint at Arch Cape. The only problem I encountered was an incoming storm. I weathered the squalls for an hour and a half until the wind and rain became steady. Here is my study today:
© 2013 R.L. Delight, Arch Cape Wave Study #17, 6"x8", oil on hemp canvas
I had fun painting the distant rock and the waves breaking around it. This was such a quick study, about half the time I usually like to take but the change was nice. I will take a look at it tomorrow to see if I have enough information to paint a finished painting of it.
I started painting the second challenge painting this morning but had to break off to go north so I finished it this evening. By finished I mean I ran out of time. Doing a painting a day has a few draw backs. I suspect it will be good for me and I will learn a lot!
I decided to paint from my favorite wave study I have painted so far. It was from Wave Study # 4. I am not sure which one I like better as the study has more energy but the finished painting has a few elements, such as a better value range, that I like. Here it is:
© 2013 R.L. Delight, Neahkahnie Magic, 6"x8", oil on linen panel.
Some of you might recognize the scene from earlier.
Still so very much to learn! Off to rest up for tomorrow.

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