Sunday, January 20, 2013


View of long lines of waves from above

I am taking a much needed day of rest. A cold fog has rolled in and it has seemed to color the whole day. I first decided that I would try to have an easy painting day in the studio and paint a simple marine-themed still life. I tried to paint for an hour. It was like playing a badly out of tune instrument. I tried a short nap and then administering chocolate. No go.
I know I am very tired so I decided to put the brush down and try again tomorrow.
Thankfully it is a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, not a daily painting challenge! I will do an extra painting between now and the end of the challenge.
I have been meaning to post the picture of the 20 wave studies all together. The posts have been so long and involved that I put it off so this is a good time to post it.
Twenty wave studies!
Kind of an awkwardly shaped picture but here they are. Of course I am up to 23 now. I am thinking that I will post another group shot on the 25th one and then a group shot when the next 25 are done. It will be the half-way point then!
The new canvas is working out beautifully. It isn't so rough and allows me to get smoother color transitions and finer detail. I am still loving painting the seascapes. It satisfies me to the core.
Well, I am getting rest and will be back up and painting tomorrow.

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