Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 1: Elements #1: Clouds

"Elements #1: Clouds, plein air, 5"x7", oil on gessobord, © 2017, R.L. Delight
First plein air and first dropped painting of the new year!

First I would like to wish all a Happy New Year! 

I have neglected to post and share what I have been up to, both in and out of the studio, for quite a while. There are times when life takes off like a spooked horse and you have to drop everything to chase it down or coax it back. Without adding a long story to this post, I will just say that 2017 finds us settling into our new house. Emergencies are sleeping at the moment and progress is slowly being made to rectify the neglect the house had seen over the years.

This past year has taught me to be relentless. I have learned the painful lesson of being relentless about getting enough rest, eating a very specialized diet, without fail, and getting daily exercise. I am still on the path to good health but I have spent the past year battling to improve and can honestly say I have been successful. I will have to be relentless about it for the rest of my life but shouldn't we all be?

I am learning to be relentless in my art and music. Daily practice has become my lifestyle and a privilege. I am sure there will be interruptions but I am striving with every fiber of my being to get in a daily practice no matter what, even if the house decides to spring another emergency surprise or there seems to be no time!

I have big and little goals to strive for this year. The plein air painting will continue but there will also be more studio paintings and, finally, I am turning my attention to getting a body of work done for the year.  So, I will end with a painting I finished toward the tail end of 2016. I really enjoyed painting "Cara Cara" as Cara Cara oranges are my favorite snack. They are delicious and beautiful!

Where in life are you relentless?

"Cara Cara", studio, 6"x6", oil on gessobord. © 2017, R.L. Delight


Rukshana Afia said...

Relentless ? I don't know - I used to say ruthless , as in 'artists have to be ruthless to get the work done' . You've reminded me of how slack I've become ! And yes it all goes together - I work best if I swim regularly and don't eat rubbish .

R. Delight said...

Rukshana, I guess ruthless is another aspect of it! As for slacking, we all go through these cycles, don't we? Thanks for the comment. It is always nice to "hear" another creative voice.

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