Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 2: Elements #2: Whale Bone

I have had a long wait to get back to my favorite spot to paint, Short Sands Beach, aka "Shorty", otherwise known as Smuggler's Cove. As I posted on my Facebook post, there is a golden piece of my heart that lives here. Several months ago a dead whale washed ashore. As it was toward the end of the tourist season, they decided to let the body remain for nature to do as it will. This is in Oswald West State Park after all.  From the time we bought our house last spring until now I have not been able to get there to paint. I knew I wanted to sketch and paint the whale skeleton. All that is left is this part of the skull.

It was bitterly cold on the beach today. Temps about 34 degrees with a wicked north wind coming off the water to bring the chill factor down to 25 degrees. I had several layers on but if you ever stood in one spot for a couple of hours you know how cold a person to get. In the end I was shivering so hard I could hardly hold the brush. My paints became stiff from the cold and gritty from wind blown sand. The oil sketch is a bit rough but I decided to call it good for the day. A few stray snow flakes began to fall as I hiked out. I got home, still shivering from the cold, and administered hot shower, hot food, and hot drink in that order. I am finally warm.

It has been a good painting day. I want to get back soon, when a tad bit warmer, and make a detailed drawing. Here is a final closeup on site of the painting:

"Elements#2: Whale Skull", 8"x10", plein air, oil on canvas, © 2017 R.L. Delight

What is the most unusual thing you have painted, drew, or otherwise experienced?


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