Friday, January 13, 2017

Elements #13: Wood, Cloth, Metal, String

Elements #13: Wood, Cloth, Metal, String, 7"x5", oil on gessobord, © R.L. Delight

Today started out promising. The sun was shining, winds calm. I decided to get out and paint again. I put on my 6 toasty layers, grabbed my gear and headed out the door. I decided to go to nearby Nehalem Bay State Park. When I got to the park, the sun had disappeared, and a stiff breeze had sprung up which was coming right off the water. The cold, damp cut right to the bone and made my chest hurt. I decided to head back to the studio. With time running out, I decided to try my hand at painting this simple model boat. Well, I can tell my heart wasn't in it even though I did try my best. The good thing that came out of it all was an idea for the next painting. That is always a good thing!

Off for another cup of hot tea!


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